Tim Dolan, Greenfield Town Council, Precinct 5

Proactive politics at the local level. A progressive voice for Precinct 5. 

“As a Hope Street neighbor, I see the effects of Greenfield opioid crisis on a daily basis. I support an aggressive, public-health approach to the problem.

As a librarian and educator, I support quality public schools that are fully funded with limited charter school expansion, and a new library for the community.

As an active member of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, I believe that strong unions mean good jobs for our community.

As a former ESOL teacher, I know that immigrants are part of our community and believe that no human being is illegal. I support sanctuary/safe city ordinances at all levels.

As a homeowner, I want to keep taxes low and support creative efforts to increase Greenfield’s tax base.

As a resident, I believe that Greenfield’s local small businesses are the engine of sustainable economic development, and that further investment in our beautiful, dense, walkable downtown is crucial to the success of those businesses.”

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/Timfor5/