The Day After: People Get Ready

When the Mueller investigation gets close enough for Donald Trump to feel truly threatened, we need to be ready to act.  

resistDespite the cries of “fake news!” from Trump administration loyalists, it seems as if Special Counsel Robert Mueller is getting closer and closer to evidence that could lead to legal action — against members of the Trump campaign, members of the Trump administration, or against Trump himself.  The investigation of Paul Manafort (and in particular, the FBI raid on Manafort’s residence) sure suggests that Mueller is not on a mere fishing expedition, but that he already has information adding up to reasonable cause to believe that a specific crime was committed — and he’s shown it to a judge.

What crime?  Obviously, we don’t know at this stage.  It could be anything from minor tax evasion to obstruction of justice.  We don’t know, and that’s why the investigation needs to proceed unhindered.  But many people are concerned (I can’t think why) that Trump and his ethically challenged band of merry men and women won’t let that happen.  If the threat of prosecution or impeachment solidifies, Trump may very well decide in for a penny, in for a pound, and if you’re going to get sent up for obstruction of justice, the number of counts is a minor detail.  He may try to derail the investigation with an attempted of the Saturday Night Massacre — or he may decide that that’s just the starting point.  Either way, if and when that happens, we must be prepared to act, and act fast.

Trump has flouted convention and skirted around the law.  If he can stymie this investigation into possibly illegal behavior, he will have freed himself from any legal consequences.

“Oh great!” you’re thinking, “Another Incredibly Important Issue On Which I Must Be Prepared to Act!  Just what I needed!”  I get it.  I won’t diminish any of the other issues and crises that FCCPR members devote their time to by saying that no, no, this is really important.  It’s all important — but if Trump succeeds in blocking the Mueller investigation, he will have established his ability to operate without restraint.  So far, acting in the public eye, Trump has flouted convention and skirted around the law.  If he can stymie this investigation into possibly illegal behavior, he will have freed himself from any legal consequences.  At that point, any actions we might take are at risk.  The checks on the Trump agenda — process, practice and law — that we rely on in our activism, for all the issues we hold dear, will simply be gone.  

The investigation must proceed.  If it is stopped, we must act at once — we, the people.  Congress, the media, agencies of the executive branch, other institutions all have their roles to play.  But as we’ve all learned in the past 200 days, they can’t be relied on to do the right thing (i.e., THEIR JOB) in a timely and effective manner, without the people providing the impetus.  If Mueller is fired, if the investigation is interfered with, we will need to mobilize immediately — not in a month, not in a week, not at some point in the future.  If Mueller is fired, we will need to be in the streets the day after.

We don’t know when it will happen, or even if it will happen.  It’s possible that Trump will simply let the investigation proceed without any hindrance, but the smart money is against it.  We don’t know what it will look like when it arrives.  All we can do is prepare, and be ready to move.  For now, here are some suggestions:

  • Follow the news of the Mueller investigation.  Subscribe to a responsible news source, use a tool like Flipboard, keep on top of recent events and watch for warning signs.  
  • Talk to others about what’s going on.  The more people who are informed, or at least aware of the investigation and its purpose,, the better.
  • Follow FCCPR on Facebook and visit our website for updates.

We’ll be posting more information about the Mueller investigation on a regular basis — and if and when it’s time for action, we’ll get the details to you right away, so that we can act together on the day after.  

In solidarity!

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