Single Payer Health Care T.F. Meeting 11/13/16

Jackie Wolf, FCCPR member and co-chair of MASSCARE, recommends two books on single payer health care: Deadly Spin: An Insurance Company Insider Speaks and A Second Opinion: Rescuing America’s Health Care.  She notes that what we’re talking about when we say “single payer” is publicly-funded, privately-delivered health care for all.

Judy Atkins has been advocating for single payer health care since the late 1980s. She notes that Senators Stan Rosenberg and Stephen Kulik have been lukewarm about supporting single payer, citing that Mass residents seem happy with the status quo.

The focus of advocacy efforts should be two-pronged: educational and political.

David Cohen has data specific to Franklin County that show cost savings from a single payer system would be in the millions.  Jackie notes that there is data on health care in Franklin County found in research by two Smith College School of Social Work professors.

Important to educate key organizations about the advantages of single payer system.  Some important groups to approach are:

Chamber of Commerce
Small businesses
Labor unions
Youth (young professionals association)