Labor Task Force Highlights as of March 26, 2017

On Thursday, March 9, the FCCPR labor task force helped to organize a rally on the Greenfield Commons for the nurses who have recently had their 13th bargaining session with Baystate Franklin but have made virtually no progress because of management’s unwillingness to consider any serious proposals. [Read more about the state of negotiations at Baystate Franklin Medical Nurses File Unfair Labor Charges with National Labor Relations Board Against Baystate Health.] This hospital belongs to our community, so the nurses are asking for safe staffing measures that would ensure the well-being of the community.

Please help our nurses by engaging in their bargaining sessions either on Mon 3/27 from 9am to 3pm or on Wed 4/5 from 4pm to 9pm at James Episcopal Church, located at 8 Church St in Greenfield.

We are also going to engage in a campaign of outside-in organizing, which means that we will hold informational sessions throughout Franklin County at churches, libraries, and other public spaces about worker rights and collective bargaining. We hope that by illustrating the benefits of labor solidarity to our community, we will make Franklin County an area where unions can succeed, not just at Baystate Franklin but in grocery stores, on construction sites, and many other areas. If anyone has experience and enjoys any kind of public speaking or knows where these types of informational sessions might be popular, please contact me.