Electoral Politics – November 13, 2016

Participants: Peter Hud, Dana, Jesse Burch, Gail Fleischaker, Bram Moreinis, David Greenberg, Penny Kim (note taker)

Organization. Jesse Burch agreed to serve as the group’s coordinator. The next meeting was set for Monday, Nov. 28th at 7 p.m. in Greenfield. Jesse and David will locate a meeting place.

Reviewed notes from Sept. 18th meeting which: identified current issues and groups already working on them and discussed how and where we can be most effective and what actions need to be taken.

There was general agreement to build up membership on local Democratic Committees and to get a resolution about campaign reform on Town Meeting ballots.

Bram spoke of the need to get progressives on local boards and get them to run for state offices. We need a chart to show when positions are becoming available. Interested in aligning with a national focus – with national groups and platforms.

David pointed out that “Our Revolution” – Mass.” (ORMA) is not as far along as we are. However, we should play a role in a state-wide meeting being planned for January. We should support candidates who will support our, as-yet-to-be-determined platform.

Jesse suggested that we build a network and ally with lots of like-minded groups.

Donna said, and all agreed, that we need an action plan.

Actions before next meeting and Agenda Items: (Jesse will set an agenda)

  • Identify contacts with other groups. Gail will contact DFA. Bram will check out others.
  • Bram will set up a Google group
  • Donna will do outreach to all towns to get a representative from each to participate
  • Need for a development trajectory – action plan