Electoral Politics Task Force Highlights as of March 26, 2017

We organized to get delegates elected at local Democratic caucuses to attend the June 3 Democratic State Convention. At least 6 of the 10 delegates for Greenfield are dues-paying FCCPR members, and two others have attended meetings with us.

On our recommendation, FCCPR will hold a review—scheduled for 1-4 p.m., April 23, location TBD—of the Democratic Platform to see where our planks align, and probably add Ranked Choice Voting as a plank.

We learned about Ranked Choice Voting from Peter Corbett, and would like to see it endorsed by FCCPR as one of our platform planks.

We learned about the mechanics of the Massachusetts Democratic Party from Matt Barron at our March 22 meeting, and made sense of FCCPR’s relationship to it.