Electoral Politics: 12/12/16

AGENDA 12/12/16


I. Actions from last meeting:

  1. Complete Mission Statement: Bram drafted a mission statement (below) and updated it with suggested changes by other members.
  2. Research on Democratic Party: How do we get people on the DC state and national?
  3. Outreach to Allies: What introductory message do we want to send out and how do we want to manage that communication?
  4. Minutes of last Meeting: verbose here. Discuss format of minutes – do we need verbose?

II. Mission Statement

Discussion of draft Mission Statement, approval of final language.  Latest version:

The Electoral Politics task force works both to support the campaigns of progressive candidates who advance FCCPR’s program and to participate in efforts that increase civic engagement.  We also provide mutual support to other candidates through regional and upstream affinity groups.

III. Activities

What specific actions or projects should this group undertake to support progressive candidates and increase civic engagement?  Suggestions from previous meetings include:

  • compiling a list of positions that could be used to evaluate political candidates;
  • creating and/or conducting a training on understanding municipal budgets and finance;
  • fostering connections with affinity groups both “upstream” (state and national level) and ”downstream” (local level);
  • looking for seats/positions in state and local government where a progressive candidate would be likely to succeed

This is  a list of ideas we have discussed previously; it is by no means exhaustive of all the things the group could choose to pursue.