Be a Delegate in Dem State Convention


It is best to be registered as a Democrat at least three weeks (preferably a month) before your caucus date, or, if you live in a city other than Boston, three weeks to a month before the earliest ward caucus in your city. If you register (or change your address) later than that, be sure to bring a registration certificate to your caucus.

  1. As of 2017:
    • You can register at the The organizers should have paper forms, or just access the online site: (MA Secretary of State Voting Registration)
    • 16 and 17 year olds Rule 18: For these purposes a registered Democrat is a duly registered or preregistered voter who has enrolled in the Democratic Party and will be at least age 18 on or before the date of the 2018 Primary Election, likely September 11th, 2018 may register to vote at their caucus and run to be a delegate this year.
  2. When and where is your town or ward caucus:
  3. What is a caucus?
    • A meeting of Democrats specifically called to elect delegat es (and alternates) to the state
    • Goal: Whoever brings the most voters wins!
  4. Before the caucus:
    • Get a list of who is on the ward or town Call them, introduce yourself, explain why you are running, ask for their support.
    • Bring as many registered Democrats as you can to the caucus to vote for you
  5. At the caucus:
    • All of your voters (and you!) must be inside and registered 15 minutes before the caucus The doors will be closed!
    • Get there early, greet everyone, hand out literature (candy, snacks, water, ) ask for their votes!
    • Assign someone to nominate you and someone to second your
    • Have a one minute statement ready to read or if uncomfortable with this, refer everyone to your
    • Each caucus’ delegate allotment is split evenly between male and female, with separate balloting (if necessary) for each group; if there is a odd number to be elected, there are supposed to be separate nominations and balloting for that delegate.
    • “Absentee” nominations are permitted, but only if there are insufficient nominations among caucus attendees to fill all of the slots in any category; nominated absentees much give or have given consent to their
    • It is not necessary to get an absolute majority (“50% + 1”) to will a delegate seat: if you get even one vote, so long as no one else gets more than you, you Do not be told otherwise!
    • In the event of any problems, try to have the phone number of a “friendly” state committee member (one of your district representatives or a rules committee member if possible) (N.B. in most cases, your four district representatives will have already worked out coverage for as many of the caucuses in your district as practicable.)
    • If you are not elected as a delegate, run for alternate. If you do not get elected as an alternate. If elected to either position, fill out the paperwork before you leave! There is a $75 fee/ $50 senior or Waivers are readily available.
  6. Add-on delegates
    • Elected at April State Committee Meeting
    • Youth – 35 and under
    • Disabled – self determined
    • Minority
  7. Information will become available on org after the caucus window