Climate Crisis Task Force Meeting 11/13/16

The task force decided that meetings should be in Greenfield and scheduled two ahead. The taskforce will discuss frequency at next meeting

Urgent Issues mentioned:
  • Trump is reported to be selecting climate-change deniers as Secretaries of State and Interior and head of EPA
  • Probability of increase in number of pipelines
  • Probability of drilling in the Arctic and in all coastal waters and federal lands
  • Response to election violations and to the upcoming vote by the Electoral College
Other issues:
  • Fossil fuel divesting; State of Massachusetts Pension system
  • Labor issues/loss of jobs as we transition away from fossil fuels
  • Outreach needed in our communities
  • Develop contacts with all our legislators
  • Our relationship to other groups; links on web page (FCCPR.US), invite to give presentations at quarterly mtgs.
  • Climate Action Now has developed a 12 point program, Mass350 is developing a 5 point program
  • Greenfield now uses 100% renewable energy to power town buildings
  • Sunderland has constructed a solar array adjacent to its grammar school
  • Conway is discussing a solar array to offset the annual $50,000 energy bill for town buildings and Grammar School