Climate Crisis Task Force

The Climate Crisis Task Force has endorsed Climate Action Now’s 12-point vision for Massachusetts, and adopted the following action plan.

  1. Join Mass Power Forward’s “Moving Towards 100% Local Clean Energy” campaign.We will work with local groups and officials, using MPF’s checklist, to move all Franklin County towns toward 100% renewable energy.  We will start by convening a meeting of interested people from all parts of the county.
  2. Support Mass Divest’s campaign to have the state pension fund divest from fossil fuels. We will encourage stakeholders in the state pension fund to sign an online petition and contact their legislators in support of divestment legislation.
  3. Support the campaign targeting TD Bank as one of the major investors in the Dakota Access Pipeline. We will encourage Franklin County residents to close their TD Bank accounts and to join informational leafleting at the banks’ locations.
  4. Research and meet with other organizations concerning FRTA, with the goals of increasing use of public transportation and of having FRTA and schools use electric powered vehicles.
  5. One member of the task force will stay on top of national developments, and report to the task force when there is an appropriate opportunity for a local group like FCCPR to intervene.

Contact: Bob Armstrong (

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, 6:30-8 p.m., FCCPR Office, 345 Main St., Greenfield

Meeting Minutes