Campaign Finance Task Force Meeting 3/22/17

Note taker:  John H. Cordes, MD

Some Task Force highlights since 2/22/2017 meeting:

  • John Cordes submitted a resolution on campaign finance reform for May 8th Conway Town Meeting.  He shared a Recorder article (9/21/2016) “Richie Neal Leads Delegation in Pharma Cash from 2006-2015.”
  • Larry Knowlton:  MA proposed legislation  (“We the People Act”) has revised bill numbers:  HD 1991 is now H.1926;  and SD 476 is now S.379
  • Ruth Parnall has contacted Rep. Steve Kulik’s office and Sen. Adam Hinds office to discuss their positions on campaign finance reform
  • Susan Triolo attended Rep. Neal’s Town Hall meeting; ongoing research into campaign finance reform including a constitutional convention re Citizens United.

Points of Discussion:

  • Ranked Choice Voting – pointing out the connections between reform at the ballot box and reducing the corrupting influence of money in electoral politics
  • “We the People Act” legislation; pros/cons of requiring a constitutional convention re Citizens United in the current political climate

Decisions that were made:

  • To continue our liaison with Represent.US
  • To continue to learn about Ranked Choice Voting; follow the progress of Ranked Choice Voting legislation in MA.
  • To form a Google group of Task Force members to facilitate information sharing
  • Susan will summarize Task Force activity and present at upcoming General Assembly meeting on 3/26/2017
  • To research campaign contributions to and committee assignments of our local, state and national legislators
  • To monitor the progress of the “We the People Act” legislation.

Next Steps:  Action Items and who is responsible

  • John & Ruth will present Resolution at Conway Town Meeting
  • Support Resolution at Montague Town Meeting (Lipke)
  • Set up strategy meeting with Reed Schimmelfing of Represent.US to prepare for TM’s  (Parnall)
  • Susan will ask Atty John Bonifaz to attend a task force meeting to talk about the Citizens United ruling and efforts to repeal it

Next Meeting Time/Place:

Wed., April 19th  7:00-8:30PM; 43 Garage Rd Sunderland, MA

Task Force Contact People:

Susan Triolo ( and Ruth Parnall  (