My Turn/Susan Worgaftik: Health insurance for all? It is possible

This letter by FCCPR member Susan Worgaftik appeared in the Greenfield Recorder,  April 05, 2017.

In his March 31 column, Chris Collins described the presentation that Mass. Taxpayers Foundation President Eileen McAnneny made to the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce. Ms. McAnneny’s concern was the increasing cost of health insurance to the Commonwealth might result in the state not having sufficient cash reserves to cover government costs during an economic downturn. Certainly, this is a reason for concern.

The recent debacle known as “Trumpcare” points to the difficulties of developing a health insurance system that covers us all equitably and completely. But there is a solution … and one that is pending in the Massachusetts Legislature right now. It is single-payer health insurance. Yep, a government-run insurance plan that covers us all and is paid through taxes. It works in most other developed countries in the world; why not here?

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