Safe Community & Immigration Resources

FCCPR has compiled a few links to resources that we have found useful in learning about immigration law, local law enforcement, and safe communities. The best way to promote safe community by-laws as well as to challenge anti-immigrant perceptions and misconceptions is to be informed about the law and speak to facts and data. Some of the facts seem counterintuitive because they are so often misrepresented. Most of the materials are brief and many of the materials are produced by organizations that specialize in the topics of interest and thus have additional resources.

ACLU Issue Brief on Criminalizing Undocumented Immigrants 

Important facts about Federal Immigration law

Is Immigration Law Civil or Criminal?

Immigration law is civil – brief background

Immigration Detainers: An Overview – Issue Brief of the American Immigration Council

Good background information, the Council website has lots of information on immigration

Major Cities Chiefs (MCC) – Enforcement of Immigration Laws by Local Police Agencies

Position on local enforcement of Immigration laws and why

Tucson’s Police Chief: Sessions’s Anti-Immigrant Policies Will Make Cities More Dangerous – Op-ed NY Times 12/6/17

Speaks eloquently about why local police should not cooperate with ICE

The Role of Local Police – Executive Summary – The Police Foundation

History, background, and issues around local enforcement of immigration – the whole report can be downloaded and some related resources identified

Federalism, the Constitution, and sanctuary cities – Washington Post

Addresses federal funding to sanctuary cities States rights under Tenth Amendment U.S. Constitution

Everyone has certain basic rights, no matter who is president

What immigrants and others should know. The National Immigration Law Center has lots of material on immigration, immigration law, and current legal issues