‘Starfish Throwers’: Film and Discussion

Tuesday, May 2, 6:30-9 p.m., First Congregational Church, 43 Silver Street, Greenfield. Please park behind the church and come in the back door. FREE, donations requested, refreshments served.

In the documentary film “The Starfish Throwers,” three extraordinary people, half a world apart, fight for a seemingly lost cause, to feed the poor—until they discover their impact may reach further than their actions. Screening of the film will be followed by a discussion led by Deb Habib, Seeds of Solidarity. Sponsored by Greening Greenfield and Traprock Center for Peace and Justice.

Progressives Shaping the Democratic Party Platform

FCCPR delegates and other interested Franklin County residents met April 23 to discuss and unify on revisions to the Democratic Party platform in preparation for the June 3 Democratic Party Convention in Worcester.

The revisions resulting from the hearing will be forwarded to the Democratic Party Platform Committee as well as to Our Revolution Massachusetts, which is holding similar forums around the state and has produced some draft changes in conjunction with Progressive Democrats of America Massachusetts and Progressive Massachusetts.

My Turn/Susan Worgaftik: Health insurance for all? It is possible

This letter by FCCPR member Susan Worgaftik appeared in the Greenfield Recorder,  April 05, 2017.

In his March 31 column, Chris Collins described the presentation that Mass. Taxpayers Foundation President Eileen McAnneny made to the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce. Ms. McAnneny’s concern was the increasing cost of health insurance to the Commonwealth might result in the state not having sufficient cash reserves to cover government costs during an economic downturn. Certainly, this is a reason for concern.

The recent debacle known as “Trumpcare” points to the difficulties of developing a health insurance system that covers us all equitably and completely. But there is a solution … and one that is pending in the Massachusetts Legislature right now. It is single-payer health insurance. Yep, a government-run insurance plan that covers us all and is paid through taxes. It works in most other developed countries in the world; why not here?

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Now Posted: Summary of March 26, 2017 General Assembly

Missed the March 26, 2017 General Assembly at the Guiding Star Grange? Learn about what took place by visiting the summary, now posted online.

Additionally, the detailed summary of the discussion on developing criteria for endorsing candidates is also now available online.  Any FCCPR members who wish to continue participating in the discussion, email David Cohen,davidjc@comcast.net



‘Ranked Choice’ Beer Election in Northampton April 10

Taste beers, benefit charity, learn about “greenwashing” and “ranked choice voting.” Sponsored by The People’s Pint and Voter Choice Massachusetts. $5 door plus cost of beer. Proceeds go to charity. To RSVP, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/101583920379634/

Sample Resolution to Submit to Town re Medicare for All in Massachusestts Bill

Whereas access to health care has become one of the biggest political issues of the day and is of great concern to ourselves and our neighbors; and

Whereas: The U.S. remains one of the few countries that does not provide universal publicly funded health care; and

Whereas: the cost of health care keeps increasing thereby creating a burden and a concern to us all; and

Whereas: the number of people who do not have affordable access to quality health care increases, the health of our communities decreases, and

Whereas: the cost of health insurance increases and the policies include up front costs of co-pays and deductibles that are a burden for employers and employees.

Whereas, in particular, the money spent by Cities and Towns to cover their employees is a large cost to both the employer and the employees; and

Whereas these funds could be better spent by Towns to improve the overall quality of life, and by employees to increase wages and salaries and other benefits; and

Whereas Massachusetts has been a leader in providing coverage for quality health care for its people; and

Whereas there is an alternative means of providing health care for all that also provides better coverage,without co-pays and deductibles, and includes medical, dental and preventative care.

That this bill is the “Improved Medicare for All,” House Bill #____ Senate Bill #______

Therefore be it Resolved:    (Use either one of the resolves as is appropriate for you)

That the Town of ______________ will study the current costs and coverage of Health Insurance for its employees and the effect those costs have had on the Town Budgets and on employee compensation for the last two years; and compare those costs to estimated costs and benefits under the Improved Medicare for All Bill now in the State Legislature.

That the Town of ____________ make public the results of such a study and hold a meeting to determine whether support for the “Improved Medicare for All” Bill is warranted.


That the Town of __________  endorses the House and Senate Bill, “Improved Medicare for All,” and will communicate its support to the State Representative and State Senator.