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Protesters denounce anti-sanctuary state postcards

Recorder Staff

Saturday, December 09, 2017

GREENFIELD — Greenfield residents recently received some unexpected mail.

Postcards distributed to mailboxes throughout town show, on one side, a green sign that reads “GREENFIELD WELCOMES ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.” On the other, the postcard asks residents to call Rep. Paul Mark to demand he withdraw his support for a bill to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state.

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Read the Statement from Representative Paul Mark


FCCPR Members Travel to State House for Single Payer Lobby Day

Nine members of FCCPR’s Single Payer Healthcare Task Force traveled to the State House in Boston November 14 to join about 200 other activists for the Right to Health Lobby Day.  The coalition included nurses, doctors and social workers as well as progressive community groups.

We lobbied for the Improved Medicare for All Bill S 619; H 2987 and the Benchmark Bill S 610; H 596. Continue reading “FCCPR Members Travel to State House for Single Payer Lobby Day”

Success! Progressives sweep Greenfield Council

For those of you who were not at Hope and Olive for the victory party last night, we’re thrilled to tell you that five out of FCCPR’s six endorsed candidates won in the 2017 Greenfield municipal elections! [Read more in The Recorder.]

We have flipped Town Council!

Sadly, however, Bob Cooley, our write-in candidate for School Committee did not win. Write-in campaigns are always difficult and without the ability to hand anything to people at the polls, we were at a significant disadvantage.

Bob ran a great campaign and FCCPR is proud to have been a part of it.

Help Get Out the Vote in Greenfield Municipal Elections!

We need your help! There is much work to be done between now and November 7 to ensure the FCCPR-endorsed candidates win. Please respond to this form and we will be in touch with you. And if you’d like to meet the candidates, join us at the FCCPR office, (345 Main St., below Greenfield Coffee), on Thursday, Nov. 2, from 7 to 9 p.m.


FCCPR Adds Don Alexander to Slate of Candidates for Greenfield Election

Don Alexander, candidate for Greenfield School Committee, pictured with his daughter, Katie, a 2017 honors graduate of Greenfield High School.

FCCPR has added Don Alexander, who is running for School Committee, to its slate of progressive candidates for the November 7 Greenfield elections. While Don is not yet a member of FCCPR, he agrees with our platform. We believe Don will be a positive ally for us on the School Committee and that he and Bob Cooley, our other endorsed candidate, can work well together. An endorsement by FCCPR commits us to help these candidates get elected and, after the election, to encourage and support their efforts to support a progressive platform on the School Committee.

Don has an M.Ed in Education from the University of Massachusetts and is currently on the School Committee, having been elected by the School Committee to fill a vacant position.


Supports a strong civics education curriculum;
Supports the civil rights of all students;
Supports single-payer health insurance;
Opposes the expansion of charter schools; and
Opposes high stakes testing.

All Hands on Deck! Support FCCPR-Endorsed Candidates for Nov. 7 Greenfield Election

FCCPR is excited to endorse the candidacy of six individuals for Greenfield town elections November 7 (from L. to R.): Tim Dolan (Town Council, Precinct 5), Otis Wheeler (Town Council, Precinct 7), Doug Mayo (Town Council, Precinct 8), Sheila Gilmour (Town Council, Precinct 6), Bob Cooley (School Committee, Write-In Candidate), and Don Alexander (School Committee), not pictured.

We urge our entire FCCPR membership–Greenfield and non-Greenfield residents alike–to pitch in and help with their campaigns in the coming weeks.  Every Saturday, and possibly Sunday, between now and the end of October, we’ll be out on the streets working for a progressive Greenfield. Sign up to canvass, phone bank, leaflet, sponsor a house party, and fundraise by visiting the candidates’ websites or email

To support the campaigns financially, send a check payable to “FCCPR Progressive PAC” to FCCPR Office, P.O. Box 216, Greenfield, MA 01302, or donate online. To earmark the money for a specific candidate or purpose, put that on the memo line.  If amount is greater than $50, include your address. If amount is greater than $200, include name, address, employer and job title.

9/18 Letter-Writing Event: Help Move Mass. to 100% Renewable Energy

Come to the FCCPR Office [345 Main St., Gfld] from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 18, to write letters to our state legislators urging them to support an increase in the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS).

A new report  finds that increasing the Massachusetts RPS by 3 percent per year will allow the state to fully realize the benefits of new clean energy demand and lower wholesale electricity prices.

The letters will be hand-delivered by FCCPR members attending a September 19 State House hearing on the topic.

Materials and information will be provided.

Let’s get this done!


The Day After: What’s Joe Arpaio Got to Do With It?

In his pardon of Joe Arpaio, Donald Trump accomplished five things.  He took a swipe at Latinos (never a bad thing in his book), letting them know that no matter what the Constitution says, they’re not protected against abuses by law enforcement.  He threw a big hunk of red meat to the baying mob that makes up his base.  He added momentum to the slide into authoritarianism in the US and flipped the bird at custom, propriety and civility.  He did his fervent campaign supporter Joe Arpaio a solid.  

And, oh yeah, he dangled the potential of a pardon in front of witnesses in the Mueller investigation.

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The Day After: People Get Ready

When the Mueller investigation gets close enough for Donald Trump to feel truly threatened, we need to be ready to act.  

resistDespite the cries of “fake news!” from Trump administration loyalists, it seems as if Special Counsel Robert Mueller is getting closer and closer to evidence that could lead to legal action — against members of the Trump campaign, members of the Trump administration, or against Trump himself.  The investigation of Paul Manafort (and in particular, the FBI raid on Manafort’s residence) sure suggests that Mueller is not on a mere fishing expedition, but that he already has information adding up to reasonable cause to believe that a specific crime was committed — and he’s shown it to a judge.
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