Support Baystate Franklin Medical Center Nurses

If Baystate does not agree to a fair contract, nurses will strike for 24 hours starting at 6 a.m. on June 26 and be prepared to re-enter the hospital at 6 a.m. on June 27.

Nurses and supporters will be picketing for the entire 24-hour period outside the hospital at 164 High St. Please join us to let Baystate know that nurses and all hospital staff deserve to be treated with respect and bargained with in good faith.

Baystate has threatened to lock out nurses from 7 p.m. Sunday to 7 p.m. Wednesday. This reckless decision by Springfield executives was made to retaliate against our nurses for exercising their legal right to strike. Baystate would rather pay replacement nurses from outside the community than properly value and respect BFMC nurses.

On Sunday night, June 25, stand with us starting at 7 p.m. outside the hospital!

Ferd Wulcan: Uncertainty and Instability, Trump and Sanders

As Franklin County CPR (Continuing the Political Revolution) has been talking with people about the many issues we face in our daily lives, we realize that we are facing more instability and uncertainty in our lives than ever before.  Consider the following:

More and more jobs are part-time, short-term or have unpredictable hours, leading to a new term for this growing group of workers – the precariat.  Unlike in the past, few corporations are seen as kind employers, and very few people make a lifelong career out of working for one company.  This has many causes including corporations moving work almost at will to wherever labor costs are lowest, companies realizing they can increase profits by offering benefits to fewer workers, and cities and states offering ever larger tax breaks to attract companies. Continue reading “Ferd Wulcan: Uncertainty and Instability, Trump and Sanders”

Red Alert! Save Our Healthcare!

At this very moment, 13 senators are secretly meeting behind closed doors to take away our healthcare by July 1st. No hearings, no reviews, no public forums! Even Republican voters oppose these kinds of cuts. The bill’s passage depends on secrecy.

Join Progressive Pioneer Valley and FCCPR to stop the draconian Senate healthcare bill. We will rally at City Hall in Northampton from 5:00 – 7:00 PM on Thursday, June 22.
​The plan:  
  • Wear RED to represent that we are on RED ALERT.
  • Bring pots and pans ‘Cacerolazo’ style (a South American noise making protest)
  • Speakers and entertainment
  • Personal stories–those affected by health care issues
  • Procession to Pulaski Park
  • Calls to Senate from the event


Sponsored by Progressive Pioneer Valley and FCCPR.

Ferd Wulkan: Amid lots of activism, what’s FCCPR’s role?

In addition to attending our huuuuge FCCPR meetings, I have gone to smaller meetings of progressive activists in Orange, Montague, Leverett and Shutesbury the past few months.  A few things stand out for me.

People are hungry—hungry for a new kind of activism, inspired by Bernie, in a way few of us could have predicted.  They are serious—the dangers they see us facing under Trump lead them to be thoughtful and committed when some might have predicted demoralization and despair.  Continue reading “Ferd Wulkan: Amid lots of activism, what’s FCCPR’s role?”

Mary Malmros on Noho Pride March–Then and Now

Those who want to march with the FCCPR contingent at the Noho Pride March on Saturday, May 6, should email ASAP to sign up and get your marching credentials. Note: We are allowed a maximum of 25 marchers.

On Saturday we’ll be marching again, this time in the Northampton Pride March. For me, it will be my first Pride march in years. I was a volunteer march organizer of Northampton Pride back in the mid ‘80s, and I marched in Boston for years after I moved there. Then I stopped going to Pride marches. Frankly, the celebration got to be too much for me.

Back in the ‘80s, the Northampton Pride March was a very different event. Continue reading “Mary Malmros on Noho Pride March–Then and Now”

Ferd Wulcan: Review of April 23 Our Revolution Livestream

About 20 CPR members and friends gathered at 12 Federal Street on April 23 to watch Our Revolution’s (OR) live stream.  OR is the national group formed by staffers from the Bernie Sanders for President campaign, and which is affiliating state and local groups like ours.  The hope has been that this would become a powerful, grassroots organization that, like CPR, would work both inside and outside the electoral arena.  Many of us in CPR have until now been disappointed by the slow pace and exclusive focus on candidate endorsement by OR so far. Continue reading “Ferd Wulcan: Review of April 23 Our Revolution Livestream”

100% Renewable Energy Informational Meetings

Can we get 100% of our energy from renewable sources? By joining the statewide campaign outlined by Mass Power Forward, we can follow a step by step approach that will help us move towards this goal in all of our towns. Together with many other communities across the state we can provide an example to the rest of the nation about how this can be done.

Come hear about the details of this plan at any one of our forums in Franklin County. For more information and to RSVP to one of our events, use this link.

Support Franklin Medical Center Nurses

The Labor Task Force of FCCPR is urging members to turn out and support the nurses on their informational picket line Thursday, April 27, 4 – 5:30 p.m., Baystate-Franklin Hospital, 164 High St., Greenfield.  

Or, sign their petition.

A letter from Donna Stern and Jillian Sicard, co-chairs of the Nurse Union said:

In recent weeks, the more than 200 BFMC nurses voted to authorize a one-day strike, filed six unfair labor practice charges against Baystate with the National Labor Relations Board and have participated in a community rally. We are fighting for safe patient limits, improved security for everyone at the hospital, and fair benefits and wages. Baystate refuses to agree to our patient safety and security proposals, and instead seeks to degrade our health benefits and mistreat nurses.