Coordinating Committee

Bob Armstrong has worked on the campaigns of progressive candidates including Robert Reich, Elizabeth Warren, Steve Kulik, Maura Healy, and Bernie Sanders. Taking Bernie’s message to heart, he ran and was elected a member of the Conway selectboard, where he’s lived since 1980. “FCCPR will continue to drive our progressive values forward, and I’m proud to help this effort.” He is convener of the Climate Crisis Task Force.  Bob’s term expires November 2018

Maryelen Calderwood As an organizer for the Massachusetts Teacher Association, feminist, mother, social justice activist and eight-year member of the Greenfield School Committee, Maryelen is committed to a political revolution. As an active member of FCCPR, she believes in the power citizens have, as a movement, to create a greener, cleaner world; to have health care for everyone; to have quality, publicly-funded education; to preserve the rights of workers to organize; to eliminate racial lines; to provide sanctuary for immigrants; to support radical ideas and conflict; and to insist that women are at the forefront of all of this. Maryelen is part of the Labor Task Force and the Education Task Force. Maryelen’s term expires November 2019.

David Cohen is a retired union organizer who has worked building militant democratic unions here in Western Mass. and around the country. He got his start as an activist during the Vietnam War and was involved in campaigns to free Angela Davis and around school desegregation in Springfield. Politically he’s a socialist. Dave was involved with the attempt to build a Labor Party in the 1980s and 90s and spent a lot of that time working on single-payer health care. Retirement years have been spent teaching at UMass Labor Center, doing union trainings around the country, trying to get Bernie elected, building a boat, carving a carousel horse, and building a wooden teardrop camper. Dave is part of the Single Payer Healthcare Task Force and the Labor Task Force.  Dave’s term expires November 2019.

Paul Demarco believes that real change in our local, state and national politics are necessary and achievable. But to have a significant impact on this, FCCPR needs to be constantly engaging the public and the process. Toward that end, Paul looks forward to contributing his skills and experience in organization-building and electoral politics as a coordinating committee member of FCCCPR. Paul is part of the Education Task Force. His term expires November 2019.

Ken Eisenstein Semi-retired, Ken and his wife own Boswell’s Books in Shelburne Falls. He is also a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA volunteer), a Guardian Ad Litem appointed by a Juvenile Court judge to report to the court and advocate for children at risk with open cases with DCF– most of whom are in foster care. Ken worked on Elizabeth Warren’s campaign in the Greenfield office and for several years was an Escort Captain at Planned Parenthood in Boston, helping patients to enter the building with a minimum of delay and harassment by the protesters who gathered there every Saturday. Ken is part of the Civil Rights Task Force.  Ken’s term expires November 2019.

Sheila Gilmour In summer 2017, FCCPR endorsed Sheila’s candidacy for Greenfield Town Council, and she won by a large margin. In fact, every FCCPR-endorsed candidate whose name appeared on the ballot won their election due in no small part to FCCPR’s organizing efforts. Sheila wants to see FCCPR build on this momentum and create a more just social and political landscape in Franklin County. Sheila is co-convener of the Labor Task Force. Sheila’s term expires November 2019.

David Greenberg has been active in progressive politics since his college days. He’s done union organizing in Boston and Amherst and co-founded WiredWest to bring high-speed connectivity to Western Mass. He also co-founded Pioneer Valley for Bernie, which has since morphed into FCCPR. “With Trump in the White House, we clearly have our work cut out for us. I am heartened by the wonderful folks who have joined FCCPR, and I am convinced that we will make a difference.” David is part of the Civil Rights Task Force, Education Task Force and Labor Task Force.  His term expires November 2018.

Anna Gyorgy coordinates the multilingual Women & Life on Earth internet project, a project of the Traprock Center for Peace & Justice. She’s a member of the Wendell Energy Committee and part of North Quabbin Energy. “At home and nationally we face critical challenges: in Franklin County and Western Mass. we have a lot to offer in terms of community action and solutions. I’m interested in how progressive people in our area can work even better together and reach out more widely.” Anna wants to focus on political education (“learn- and teach-ins”) and networking. She will be part of the Peace Task Force.  Anna’s term expires November 2019.

Marti Hobbes was inspired by Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for president and his progressive platform and for the first time became involved in politics during the presidential primary in spring 2016. “Bernie inspired me to step off the sidelines and participate actively in our precious democratic political process. And I’m excited about directing those efforts via FCCPR.” Marti, who lives in Millers Falls, is part of the Single Payer Healthcare Task Force and the Campaign Finance Reform Task Force.  Her term expires November 2019.

Patricia Williams has been involved in social justice for 50 years, 30 of which has been, and continues to be, in the Labor Movement. “We are now witnessing a ruthless attack against all of the progressive gains we have fought for and won since the 1960s. I believe that we must, on the local level, organize both defensive and offensive strategies, to maintain and improve the lives of the 99%.”  Patti is co-convener of the Labor Task Force. Her term expires November 2019.

Ferd Wulkan is a long-time labor activist whose passion has been linking the labor movement with other progressive movements for social justice. Recently retired from the faculty/librarian union at UMass Amherst, he is actively involved with the Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts and the campaign to divest the state pension fund from fossil fuels.  He has lived in Montague for more than 20 years and makes sure to find time for travel, the outdoors and tiddlywinks.  Ferd is on the Climate Crisis Task Force. Ferd’s term expires in November 2018.

Description of the Coordinating Committee:

  • An 11-person Coordinating Committee will be elected at the first General Assembly meeting, with four seats being for a term of 1-year, and four seats for a term of 2-years. Thereafter, all terms will be for 2 years, so that the terms of half the seats will expire each year.
  • The membership and/or the Coordinating Committee can establish and/or approve short-term and standing committees to carry out the work of the organization. Standing committees will select a representative to be part of the Coordinating Committee.
  • The Coordinating Committee will set agendas for General Assembly meetings, coordinate the work of the organization, and make necessary short-term decisions for Franklin County CPR in between General Assembly meetings.
  • The Coordinating Committee will select from among its members a Convener, Co-Convener, Recorder, and Treasurer.
  • The Convener will convene the meetings. The Co-Convener will assist the Convener and convene meetings when the Convener is unavailable. The Recorder will record meeting minutes, and ensure that minutes and agendas are posted on the FCCPR website. The Treasurer will set up a bank account with checks requiring signatures of two people (the Treasurer and one other member of the Coordinating Committee). The Treasurer also will oversee the collection of dues, ensure the organization is in compliance with applicable laws, and prepare financial reports for the membership.